A sustainable energy future, at your doorstep

We provide industrial operations and communities the choice of a safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective fuel and power alternative.


By leveraging existing infrastructures, we fill in the gaps left by major providers to solve your unique and urgent LNG demands.



We are proud to operate at the highest standards of safety in energy supply and transport.



We provide a continuous, committed supply of LNG, with comprehensive logistics and distribution plans.



We offer portable, door-to-door LNG delivery for all your fuel, power, and displacement needs.



For the energy services, industrial, and transportation sectors, we offer flexible LNG solutions through the creation of a virtual natural gas pipeline. We support diesel and propane displacement to reduce operating costs and minimize your environmental impact.


The economic and environmental advantages of liquid natural gas

By cooling natural gas to approximately -162 °C, liquid natural gas (LNG) can be formed. The cooling process shrinks the volume of this resource by 600 times, making it easier and safer to store and transport to locations and people that do not have access to natural gas pipeline supplies.

Liquid natural gas (LNG) is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and provides the cleanest benefit relative to other hydrocarbon fuels. By converting to LNG, remote industrial operations, communities, and modes of transportation that are reliant on other sources of fuel can not only significantly reduce emissions, but experience cost savings with this more efficient and consistently-priced alternative.


 What we do

We provide our customers with LNG supply, logistics, and distribution, complete with on-site design, implementation, and monitoring services.


Our virtual pipeline is a turnkey solution, making LNG accessible to the most remote and underserved areas.



Our long-term supply agreements with Canada’s LNG export industry take advantage of the world’s richest resource of natural gas, which is available at predictable and transparent prices.



Our modular, small-scale LNG plants are installed close to available pipelines and are essential to guaranteeing a reliable and secure LNG supply for end-users.



Our multimodal LNG containers can be used for transport, storage, and refilling of smaller-scale LNG cylinders. Designed and operated to the highest of safety standards, LNG containers can be transported by train, rail, or marine vessels.



Our virtual pipeline is a flexible services model, providing commercial and residential users in local and worldwide locations with a door-to-door supply of LNG for any fuel, power, or displacement needs.


Solutions designed to solve the leading pain points in LNG delivery and supply

The innovation of our full-service model is driven by limitations in the traditional LNG industry. Top Speed Energy addresses all these bottlenecks, designing, implementing, and servicing all aspects of the LNG supply chain.

  • Shorter-term and lower-cost small-scale LNG plants

  • Reliable, year-round supply of LNG for ongoing demands

  • Maximum flexibility through multimodality and portability

  • Delivery to all available ports and areas of trade

  • Customized, ISO-certified LNG transport and storage containers

  • Lower economic barriers with an affordable fuel solution


We own and operate a fleet of customized, multimodal LNG containers

Our self-owned LNG containers provide a mobile pipeline solution, directly connecting our small-scale LNG plants to end-users in any location. With our multimodal containers, we can support large or small usage profiles with an on-demand and uninterrupted supply of LNG. Designed and manufactured to our expert specifications, our containers offer a safer solution than traditional transport methods, and are serviced with regularly scheduled equipment inspections and maintenance.


The key element of our supply chain is our customized multimodal LNG containers, which directly connect our British Columbia-based LNG plants to remote local and international end-users.


We set a high service standard for safe, low-carbon energy supply


We have delivered 7,654,910 kg of LNG to 106 customers, worldwide.


We have travelled 7,350,800 miles of multimodal distance without any safety issues.


LNG costs 30–50% less than diesel and 20–40% less than VLSFO for equivalent energy production.


Compared to other fossil fuels, LNG offers

  • 100% reduction in sulfur (SO2) emissions
  • 99% reduction in particulate matter (PM) emissions
  • 90% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions
  • 20% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions